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27 September 2001 Edition

Anger at British suspension

27 September 2001

Haven't we been here before? It has been another week of loyalist attacks on nationalist and republican areas and of squandered opportunities in the political process. Free article

Fundraiser proceeds to go to New York victims

27 September 2001

Sinn Féin Representative in the United States Rita O'Hare announced on Tuesday, 25 September, that all the money raised by a major Friends of Sinn Féin fundraiser scheduled for 1 November will be for the benefit of the families of those in the New York City construction industry killed in the World Trade Center atrocity. She said: ``The annual Friends of Sinn Féin dinner in New York was arranged some time ago for 1 November. Free article

National culmination of Hunger Strike events

27 September 2001

JOAN BYRNE of the Dublin '81 Committee urges everyone to participate in the national march and rally in Dublin on Saturday 6 October marking the 20th anniversary of the end of the 1981 hunger strike. Free article

Health study highlights inequalities

27 September 2001

The creation of a new, unhealthy underclass of single Dublin males, a sharp divide between health in urban and rural areas and insufficient data on the health of poor people and women are among the findings of a new report compiled by the Department of Community Health and General Practice at Trinity College Dublin. Free article


Death of Kevin Boland

27 September 2001

The death ocurred this week of former Fianna Fáil government minister Kevin Boland. He was 84. Free article

Maskey arrested in Turkey

27 September 2001

Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey who was arrested along with a delegation of republican ex-prisoners by the Turkish military and police last week as they arrived in Istanbul, was in the country on a fact finding mission. Free article

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