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5 July 2001 Edition


5 July 2001

Kieran Cummings, the Catholic teenager shot dead in Antrim yesterday morning, was recently threatened by loyalists says Sinn Féin councillor Martin McManus, who blames the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) for the killing. Free article

Wrecking the Agreement

5 July 2001

David Trimble's overhyped and overheralded resignation, an increased focus on the arms issue, which included an unforeseen SDLP anti-republican broadside dominated the news this week until the marching season claimed its first sectarian killing, the second Catholic to die in two weeks. Free article

The Orange Order's last stand?

5 July 2001

In their recently published book on Drumcree, Chris Ryder and Vincent Kearney identify the refusal of Orangemen to embrace change and accept their Catholic neighbours as equals as the core of the dispute around Drumcree: Free article

Parades Commission has no credibility on Springfield Road

5 July 2001

``The Parades Commission had little credibility in this area,'' said John McGivern of the Springfield Residents Action Group, ``but since their decision last week their credibility has evaporated here.'' Free article


New Dublin mayor roasted over bin charges

5 July 2001

There were angry scenes outside the Mansion House in Dublin on Monday evening as scuffles broke out between the Gardaí and anti Bin Tax demonstrators during protests to mark the election of Michael Mulcahy of Fianna Fáil to the position of Lord Mayor. Free article

50 new British nuclear power stations possible

5 July 2001

Have you heard the one about the government so concerned about the environmental consequences of greenhouse gases they decided to build more nuclear power stations? No, this is not a joke. It is happening, and worse still, happening on our doorstep. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has initiated an energy policy review headed by Energy minister Brian Wilson, a blunt advocate of nuclear power. Free article

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