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14 June 2001 Edition

Three mandates for change : 4 MPs 108 Councillors No to Nice

14 June 2001

Four seats, 175,932 votes and unquestionably the largest nationalist party in the Six Counties. ROBBIE MacGABHANN profiles the record Sinn Féin electoral performance. Free article

Mála Poist

14 June 2001

Nice one, Sinn Féin

A Chairde,

May I take this opportunity to pay tribute to all our Sinn Féin activists throughout the 26 Counties who performed such Trojan work during the recent Treaty of Nice referendum campaign. The securing of such a strong No vote is testimony to the success of your efforts, and I have every confidence that we will build on the momentum created in future... Free article

Widespread loyalist attacks

14 June 2001

As election tension heightened last week, loyalists carried out a series of attacks on Catholic homes and businesses throughout the North. Free article

Blair's back

14 June 2001

There was no Michael Portillo Moment as the Labour Party was duly returned to power in the British general election one week ago with the same huge majority, give or take the odd seat, as in 1997. An Anne Widdecombe - or indeed Shaun Woodward - Moment would have been nice, but it was not to be. Free article


Our day is fast approaching

14 June 2001

Up to 400 hundred people gathered in bright sunshine on Belfast's Falls Road last Sunday, 10 June, before parading to the unveiling of a mural to Joe McDonnell, Mairead Farrell and Kieran Nugent. Free article

MoD blocks Stevens probe

14 June 2001

The British Ministry of Defence has intervened to stop the Stevens team from questioning the female FRU operative at the centre of the Finucane and other controversial killings. The operative, formerly known as Captain `M' or `Mags', was recently identified as Captain Margaret Walshaw by a US-based website. Free article

Plastic bullet meeting

14 June 2001

A public meeting to remember the human cost of plastic bullets and discuss the recently introduced new and more deadly incarnation of this deadly projectile will take place in Belfast on Thursday, 14 June. Free article

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