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24 May 2001 Edition

Loyalists step up sectarian attacks

24 May 2001

With tension across the North rising in the run up to Westminster and local government elections and the marching season, loyalist activity is once again on the increase Free article

McCreesh and O'Hara remembered

24 May 2001

Fr Brian McCreesh, accompanied by parish priest Fr Bradley, concelebrated the 20th anniversary mass for his brother Raymond in Camloch last Monday night, 19 May. Free article

Remembering Carol Anne

24 May 2001

With the British government coming under sustained nationalist pressure over its refusal to ban the use of plastic bullets in the North, the 20th anniversary of the killing of 12-year-old Carol Ann Kelly was marked near her Twinbrook home on Sunday 20 May. Free article


Bloody Sunday Inquiry - The MoD fix is in

24 May 2001

One way or another, the British security services, none more so than the MoD, are determined to bring down the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. The latest tactic, which has evolved over the course of the past two weeks or so, has crystalized around the proposed use of intelligence material gathered on something like 1,200 witnesses to the inquiry. Lawyers acting for the British soldiers are hoping to use such information to attempt to discredit witnesses in their continuing efforts to shift attention away from the British Army's actions on the day. Free article

British officer suspect in Dublin/Monaghan bombings

24 May 2001

From the outset, British collusion in the 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings and in the subsequent cover up has been suspected. Now, a retired civil servant who witnessed a British Army officer acting suspiciously in Dublin city centre on the day of the bombings, has come forward. Free article

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