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12 April 2001 Edition

Mass protest call by Ormeau residents

12 April 2001

A mass protest rally the night before the Apprentice Boys Easter Monday parade through the nationalist Lower Ormeau area of Belfast is being planned by the local residents' group and they are calling for your support. Free article

New plastic bullet is more lethal

12 April 2001

Following the British government's decision to retain the use of plastic bullets in the Six Counties, its claim that a newer version of the weapon will be safer has been undermined by an internal report. Free article

IRA Easter Message

12 April 2001

In a statement received by An Phoblacht on Wednesday, 11 April, the IRA, in its annual Easter message, reaffirmed its commitment to national reunification and to a permanent peace in Ireland. It pointed out that political responsibility for ending the current crisis lies with the British government and warned that there should be no attempt to renegotiate commitments previously made. The full text of the IRA statement is carried below. Free article

Freedom from sectarian harassment

12 April 2001

The Hayles and Christie families from North Belfast would like the right to freedom from sectarian harassment. They would like their children, and grandchildren, to go to school without being spat upon and threatened. Free article


Savagely beaten by the RUC

12 April 2001

A man severely beaten by the RUC in Ballymena in the early hours of Sunday morning, 8 April has accusing the RUC of unprovoked brutality against nationalists. Free article

The Argenta: A monument to failure

12 April 2001

There was an unusual convergence of time, language and memory in Belfast's Linenhall Library last Wednesday night, 28 March. The occasion was the launch of a book about the prison ship Argenta, which was used to intern hundreds of nationalists and republicans between 1922 and 1925. Free article

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