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8 March 2001 Edition

Don't believe the hype

8 March 2001

Sinn Féin took a dim view last night of speculation that a deal can be reached on how to move the peace process forward, following the announcement that round table talks are due to take place at Hillsborough later today. Free article

Vigils mark 20th anniversary of hunger strike

8 March 2001

Throughout Ireland last Thursday and over the weekend, the 20th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike was remembered as thousands of people took to the streets. Free article

Farmers accuse Fee of foot in mouth

8 March 2001

SDLP Assembly member John Fee was forced to do a hasty about turn on Monday when remarks he made trying to link ``erstwhile republicans'' to the current Foot and Mouth crisis backfired badly. Free article

Wreckers' charter cannot prevail

8 March 2001

The so-called `Real-IRA' yet again played into the hands of British securocrats last weekend, when they set off a bomb outside the BBC Television Centre in West London on Saturday night. Free article


Employment discrimination persists

8 March 2001

Fresh figures highlighting unemployment disparities between Catholics and Protestants in the Six Counties have rung alarm bells. Free article

FRU made Nelson a ``monster''

8 March 2001

``We took a man, told him to become a terrorist and then supplied him with the information he needed to be a good terrorist - namely intelligence used to take out Catholics.'' Free article

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