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25 January 2001 Edition

Exit Mandelson

25 January 2001

Peter Mandelson's resignation should not distract the British government from current talks aimed at creating a new dynamic in the peace process, the Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams warned last night. Free article

UDP split as loyalist violence continues

25 January 2001

Nationalists will be watching closely the effect of the UDP split, especially as the UDA have been involved in orchestrating and carrying out attacks on Catholics in recent months, said Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey. Free article

DPP defends RUC thugs

25 January 2001

Once again the Six-County DPP has rallied to defend RUC misconduct. David Adams, ex-POW and a cousin of the Sinn Féin president, lost his legal battle last week to have RUC officers guilty of ``illegal behaviour''. Free article

Civilian witnesses bear brunt of Saville Inquiry

25 January 2001

Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign spokesperson John Kelly has spoken of the trauma faced by Derry people testifying before the Bloody Sunday Inquiry in Derry's Guildhall. He was participating in a workshop during a series of events held in London on Saturday, 20 January, to commemorate Bloody Sunday. Free article


Ante ups in Sinn Féin flag challenge

25 January 2001

The case brought by Sinn Féin on the issue of flags is set to heat up in the coming days. Free article

Could this really be the end?

25 January 2001

Dell, Compaq and Microsoft were added to the list this week of technology giants who have somewhat lost their shine. Add in growing fears that the US economy is slowing down and you have the crisis mongers in our media foretelling that the Celtic Tiger is heading for the endangered species list. No one seems to be answering the simple question of why are we so easy prey to a boom and bust cycle anyway? Free article

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