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7 December 2000 Edition

British have not met commitments: IRA

7 December 2000

In a statement issued to An Phoblacht on Tuesday evening, 5 December, the IRA reiterated its commitment to the resolution of the issue of arms and its view that this is a necessary step in a genuine peace process. Free article

Sectarian killers return

7 December 2000

Loyalist gun gangs struck twice within the hour yesterday, Wednesday 6 December, as they targeted two Catholic men in North Belfast, killing one and critically injuring a second. Free article

McCreevy's Ireland is a not a just one

7 December 2000

When you are poring over the detail of this week's Dublin Government budget, keep one important point at the top of your agenda. It is this - Ireland is a two-tier society. Free article

McBride Day of Action

7 December 2000

Supporters of the McBride family gathered in London on Friday 1 December as part of the International Day of Action organised by the Pat Finucane Centre to highlight the continued employment by the British Army of the two Scots Guards convicted of murdering Peter McBride. Free article


McGuinness lashes Mandelson's failures

7 December 2000

Martin McGuinness launched a scathing attack on British Secretary of State, Peter Mandelson, during a visit to Australia this week. Free article

Ahern's funding move against Sinn Féin

7 December 2000

In an attempt to target contributions to Sinn Féin, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has announced plans to ban `foreign' fundraising by political parties in the 26 Counties. Announcing the proposals, Ahern said the government is ``studying whether ring-fencing Irish political fundraising will include reciprocal arrangements with the United Kingdom''. Free article

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