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2 November 2000 Edition

Defend the Agreement

2 November 2000

Six-County Health Minister Bairbre de Brún will meet her 26-County counterpart Micheál Martin this Friday to discuss Food Safety-related issues, despite efforts by David Trimble to deny Sinn Féin's mandate and exclude its ministers from such meetings. Free article

Three dead as loyalist feud escalates

2 November 2000

Rivalry between different loyalist groupings in North Belfast has spilled over into further bloody feuding. Three men have been killed in four days, bringing the number of loyalists killed in feuding to six, while over 200 families have been forced to flee from their homes. Free article

Adams launches year of Hunger Strike commemorations

2 November 2000

Accompanied by former H Block OCs and former hunger strikers, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams last week launched a yearlong series of events to commemorate the H Block and Armagh hunger strikes of 1980 and 1981. Free article

Forgotten Ten to be moved

2 November 2000

The remains of Kevin Barry and nine other men executed by the British during the Tan War in Dublin's Mountjoy Jail and interred in the prison yard are at last to be exhumed and moved to the Republican Plot in Glasnevin cemetery. Free article



2 November 2000

At a press conference in Montreal on 31 October, the former Solicitor General of Canada and current president of the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development, Warren Allmand, presented an open letter signed by several members of the Canadian Parliament and trade union leaders expressing total support for the recommendations of the Patten Commission. Free article

Will Marshall truth out?

2 November 2000

Ten years after the killing of Lurgan republican Sam Marshall, a preliminary discovery hearing may link the RUC to the shooting. Marshall was shot dead as he left Lurgan RUC barracks shortly after signing bail. His two companions were also targeted in the attack but escaped injury. Free article

Spate of sectarian attacks

2 November 2000

A series of sectarian attacks over the weekend has seen three Catholic churches, a GAA hall and a Catholic owned business burnt out in Dunmurry, on the outskirts of Belfast. Free article

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