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19 October 2000 Edition

British commitment to Agreement in doubt

19 October 2000

As we go to print, Peter Mandelson is set to table amendments to the Police Bill, for consideration next week in the British House of Lords, which are likely to fall considerably short of the demands made by Sinn Féin and the SDLP. Free article

Mála Poist

19 October 2000

Tar linn go Slógadh Shinn Féin

A Chairde,

Bheinn buíoch díot as deis a thabhairt dom a mheabhrú do léitheoirí An Phoblacht go mbeidh Slógadh 2000 ar siúl i Ráth Cairn, Gaeltacht na Mí ag an deireadh seachtaine Saoire Bainc, 27, 28. 29 Deireadh Fómhair 2000.

I would be very grateful if you would allow me to remind your readers of a very important linguistic, cultural and political... Free article

Lucky escape in loyalist car bomb attack

19 October 2000

A Catholic man and his two sons narrowly escaped death and serious injury when a pipe bomb exploded under a seat in their car. The man and two teenagers had only moments to escape before the booby trap bomb exploded into a ball of fire, destroying the vehicle. Free article

Sectarianism at the heart of housing crisis

19 October 2000

Dress it up any way you like but the underlying facts remain the same. Over a thousand Catholic families are currently on the Housing Executive waiting list in North Belfast. The overwhelming majority of these families, almost 800, are in urgent housing need. A short distance away, in some cases just a few hundred yards away, there are empty houses, falling into disrepair for the lack of a secure tenancy. And then there's the derelict housing stock, like the row of burnt out terraced housing on Clifton Park Avenue, former Catholic homes untouched almost five years after being attacked by Orange mobs. Free article


IRA denies O'Connor shooting

19 October 2000

The IRA has stated that it was not involved in the killing of Joseph O'Connor in the Ballymurphy area of West Belfast last Friday, 13 October. Free article

Full cross-border public inquiry must be held

19 October 2000

Cavan/Monaghan TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, attending the launch of the book The Dublin and Monaghan Bombings by Don Mullan, called for a full cross-jurisdictional public inquiry into the bombings. He also called for inquiries into other attacks in the 26 Counties between 1972 and 1976 where there is evidence of the involvement of British armed forces. He said: Free article

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