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13 October 2000 Edition

Ireland features high in US Presidential race

13 October 2000

Never before has Ireland featured so highly in an American Presidential election. Free article

Trimble survives again

13 October 2000

So David Trimble survives, politically speaking, to fight another day - but only just. After the hastily convened UUP conference at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on Saturday 7 October, followed by the narrow defeat of a vote of no confidence brought against him by the DUP at Stormont on Monday, the party s anti-Agreement members appear to have decided that for the time being their best ploy is to try and force a change in policy rather than leader. According to some sources, however, there may well be another attempt to remove Trimble after the forthcoming meeting of the Ulster Unionist ruling council. Free article

RUC add insult to injury

13 October 2000

A 15-year-old nationalist girl from Ballynahinch was subjected to a torrent of sectarian abuse from loyalists, while the RUC looked on and did nothing, and then received an RUC caution for her troubles. Free article


British army helicopter crash lands

13 October 2000

Sinn Fein's Newry and Armagh Assembly member Conor Murphy has accused the British military of placing lives at risk after it was confirmed that a British army helicopter had crashed near Glassdrummond. Free article

Loyalists glass GAA pitch

13 October 2000

Children as young as four could have suffered serious injury after loyalists scattered the glass from dozens of bottles across a County Derry GAA pitch. Free article

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