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5 October 2000 Edition

End non-jury courts - Sinn Fein

5 October 2000

Gerry Adams has said that the retention of non jury courts and repressive laws, whether in the Six or the 26 Counties, is at odds with a credible human rights ethos. Free article


5 October 2000

Political leaders in the United States, this month, have held the spotlight firmly on the failure of the British government to implement the Patten Report, as the calls for its full implementation grow louder. Free article

Loyalist bombers shatter early morning calm

5 October 2000

``It was definitely the UDA. I'm gutted and disgusted about how a human being could do that to another fellow''. Free article


RUC lists details of nationalists in private book

5 October 2000

An RUC man, who had the personal details of up to eight nationalist men from the Short Strand area of Belfast in a private notebook, is currently being investigated by the Independent Commission for Police Complaints (ICPC). Free article

RUC arrest 14 year old

5 October 2000

A 14 year old school boy was shown pornographic material by RUC members who had just arrested him for allegedly making rude gestures. Free article

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