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10 August 2000 Edition

Demilitarise Now

10 August 2000

The removal of a British army sangar from the Square in Crossmaglen last week was nothing more than a propaganda stunt. It was a stroke of political deceit designed to give the impression that the British government is prepared to engage in a process of demilitarising South Armagh. Free article

Loyalists confront Sinn Féin protesters

10 August 2000

Loyalists, some armed with cudgels, last week threatened a group of Sinn Féin activists protesting against discrimination in Newtownabbey council. Free article

Ormeau parade rerouted

10 August 2000

The Parades Commission's decision on Wednesday to reroute the Apprentice Boys parade away from the Lower Ormeau Road followed rulings restricting a number of marches scheduled to take place this Saturday. Free article

Festival Frolics

10 August 2000

The thousands who took to the streets of West Belfast on Sunday for Féile an Phobail's carnival were let down somewhat by the weather. Free article


One woman's dream

10 August 2000

I dreamt of Peggy Deery last night, odd because I had never met her and until yesterday had only been vaguely aware of her story. Yet in the dream, the recognition was so intense, I woke believing that I must have seen a photograph. Free article

Galway man wins legal battle but still faces eviction

10 August 2000

On Shop Street, Galway's main pedestrianised thoroughfare, teaming with cosmopolitan city life, there is a little corner house, on a patch of land measuring 18 foot by 7 foot. The house is at least 250 years old. It has little tables outside and large umbrellas for the rain. This is ``Thimble Castle''. It's become a very small take-away. Free article

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