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15 June 2000 Edition

British in the dock over PTA

15 June 2000

After what Gerard Magee called ``another small victory for former republican prisoners against the British state'' in the European Court of Human Rights on 6 June, the British government will be bracing itself for a potentially huge number of cases brought by those arrested under emergency legislation contesting their convictions. Free article

Portadown tense as loyalists plan mayhem

15 June 2000

The news came as no surprise. On Wednesday, 14 June, the Orange Order confirmed it would continue to refuse meeting the Parades Commission. This move comes only days after the Order confirmed that it would wage a major campaign of disruption in early July in Portadown. Free article

Concerns grow on policing

15 June 2000

Republican and nationalist concerns at the British government's watering down of the Patten proposals has grown over the past week. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said the Policing Bill introduced to the British House of Commons by Peter Mandelson did not keep pace with the Patten report. Free article


Officers wanted kills, Inquiry hears

15 June 2000

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry heard this week that a soldier in the Parachute Regiment claimed that he and his colleagues were told by a senior officer the night before the march ``we want some kills tomorrow.'' Free article

Bomb aimed at silencing nationalists

15 June 2000

The bomb which exploded at the rear of a house in Annalong last week was ``an attempt to silence the nationalist community'' in South Down in advance of an Orange band parade through the area in three weeks time, according to Martin Connolly of the Mourne Nationalists for Equality group. Free article

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