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8 June 2000 Edition

Flawed and unacceptable Policing Bill

8 June 2000

The Policing (Northern Ireland) Bill received its second reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 6 July, with only the most minor concessions being made by Peter Mandelson to the concerns of republicans and nationalists. The bill still constitutes what Gerry Adams called the ``emasculation'' of the Patten Report. Free article

A handful of dust

8 June 2000

The life of a northern nationalist isn't worth a handful of dust. That's the truth that nationalists in the north hoped the Good Friday Agreement might begin to address. But this week that hope has been further dashed: Free article

A lucky escape

8 June 2000

The fact that a young West Belfast man beaten by a loyalist gang describes himself as `lucky' says a lot about the level of sectarian violence routinely endured by northern nationalists. Free article

Unionist hypocrisy elects Belfast mayor

8 June 2000

Sinn Fein is ``incapable of representing all the people'' of Belfast city but Sammy Wilson of the DUP can? The Sammy Wilson who as Belfast Mayor in 1986 was caught wearing his chain of office at an Ulster Resistance rally at the Ulster Hall? Free article


European Court slams British government

8 June 2000

Once again, the British government has come under the spotlight of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and once again its human rights practises have been slammed. Free article

Sinn Féin vote increases dramatically

8 June 2000

Sinn Féin won an extra council seat during the Erne West election and increased its support by over 1,200 votes on Wednesday 31 May. Free article

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