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13 April 2000 Edition

Bauble for RUC bigots

13 April 2000

As Neilly Rooney stood in silent protest outside a rainswept Belfast City Hall on Wednesday, 12 April, the British monarch, Elizabeth Windsor, arrived at Hillsborough Castle, the residence of the British Direct Ruler in Ireland, to bestow the award of the George Cross on the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). Free article

Onus on Blair and Mandelson to end vacuum

13 April 2000

Gerry Adams dedicated the following address to the memory of his uncle, well known republican Alfie Hannaway, who was buried on Saturday morning, 8 April, to the National Graves Association, of which Alfie was a member, for its success this year in its 50-year campaign to have the remains of Tom Williams returned and reinterred , and to the father of the ANC representative at the Ard Fheis, Baleka Mbetei, the Deputy Speaker of South Africa's National Assembly, who died while she was in Ireland. Free article

Mandelson spins out of control

13 April 2000

This week marks the second anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which was designed to change the face of politics on this island and provide a route map out of conflict. Since then, however, the Agreement has been breached in spirit and in letter. Free article

British war machine in overdrive

13 April 2000

``The level of British military activity throughout the Six Counties is reaching an all time high'', says Sinn Féin Assembly member for South Armagh, Conor Murphy. Free article


British soldiers threaten to shoot South Armagh man

13 April 2000

A South Armagh man who was stopped and threatened by British soldiers has told An Phoblacht that the incident happened up to half a mile inside the 26 Counties. Free article

``If the shooting starts''

13 April 2000

``Keep the doors and windows locked, don't answer the door, don't run to the door to ask who's there and if the shooting starts don't stand up to run away, lie down and crawl.'' These are familiar words of advice to children living in republican households. Free article

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