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6 April 2000 Edition

Euro Court spotlight on shoot to kill

6 April 2000

The European Court of Human Rights has agreed to examine the cases of 12 nationalists and republicans shot dead in the Six Counties by state and pro state forces in disputed circumstances. Free article

McPhilemy vindicated

6 April 2000

The stunning victory over the Sunday Times by film-maker Sean McPhelimy, author of The Committee, in his libel suit has left the newspaper and its journalists reeling in disbelief. Free article

Protesters break into spyposts

6 April 2000

Over 200 protesters breached security at the British Army spy post above Jonesboro in South Armagh, on Sunday 2 April. Free article

Saville Inquiry week one

6 April 2000

Direct British Cabinet involvement in the planning of Bloody Sunday came to light this week when the Saville tribunal heard evidence of a telegram sent by the then British Home Secretary Alec Douglas Home to the Stormont administration outlining how to handle Public Relations in the run up to the Derry march. Free article


Haughey's £1 million only the first step

6 April 2000

``Gotcha'', proclaimed one Dublin tabloid newspaper this week on the news that Charlie Haughey, former Dublin Government Taoiseach and Fianna Fáil leader, was to pay the Revenue Commissioners just over £1 million in settlement of tax due on payments made to him that were uncovered by the McCracken Tribunal. Free article

UN slams British government

6 April 2000

The report of the Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, to be presented today, is expected to staunchly criticise the lack of action on behalf of the British government to ensure the respect of human rights in the North of Ireland. Free article

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