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30 March 2000 Edition

Loyalist councillor in hit list cover up scandal

30 March 2000

A Belfast UDP councillor who was given a loyalist hit list containing the details of 27 nationalists and republicans tried to cover up its existence, says Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly, who was one of those targeted. Free article

British still dance to Orange tune

30 March 2000

David Trimble was returned as Ulster Unionist Party leader at the annual meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council on Saturday, 25 March, winning 457 votes (57%), against the challenge of former Oranger Order Grand Master, the Reverend Martin Smyth, who polled 348 votes (43%). Free article

Springfield Road Barracks abandoned

30 March 2000

Rumours that the RUC have abandoned their barracks at Springfield Road in West Belfast, apparently only sneaking in and out to turn the lights on at night, came as welcome news to local residents, many of whom have literally lived under the shadow of its corrogated iron walls for years. Free article

The plain and simple truth

30 March 2000

The biggest inquiry in British legal history opened at Derry's Guildhall on Monday, 27 March. Free article

Shoot to kill goes to Europe

30 March 2000

Shoot to kill and collusion will come under the international spotlight again next week when relatives of 12 northern nationalists killed in controversial circumstances present their case to the European Court of Human Rights. The Strasbourg hearing coincides with the second week of the Saville Inquiry into the British Army's controversial killing of 14 unarmed Irish nationalists in Derry in 1972. Free article


RIR soldier involved with Nazis

30 March 2000

An RIR soldier charged with membership of the sectarian LVF has connections with the British Nazi group Combat 18, according to the anti-Fascist magazine Searchlight. Free article

AIB directors 21% wage increase

30 March 2000

Some workers did get a 20% wage increase this week. They didn't have to go through six months of fruitless arbitration and then start a bitter strike. The five executive directors of AIB had no problems securing their increases. The five took home £4.25 million collectively, a massive increase on the £3.25 million they received in 1998. Free article

Lessons to be learned from Newington's plight

30 March 2000

Like many other nationalists, I was disappointed upon hearing Newington Football Club's decision to go ahead with its recent fixture with the RUC. Free article

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