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2 March 2000 Edition

Angry but defiant

2 March 2000

This week, the British government continued to refuse to restore the institutions set up under the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Sectarian shooting in Antrim

2 March 2000

It now transpires that the attempted killing of a Catholic man near the Stiles estate in Antrim Town on Tuesday evening, 29 February, is the latest in a long line of sectarian attacks on Catholics. Free article

US politician horrified at South Armagh occupation

2 March 2000

California State Senator Tom Hayden recently spent two days in South Armagh on a fact-finding mission at the invitation of the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee (SAFRC). Free article

Dublin backs Finucane inquiry call

2 March 2000

The family of assassinated lawyer Pat Finucane moved significantly closer to the establishment of an independent judicial inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death after a meeting last Thursday, 24 February with Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Cowen and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Liz O'Donnell. Free article


Government allows developers to exploit students

2 March 2000

Last October, 15,000 students sent postcards to Bertie Ahern calling for three things: investment in purpose-built student housing, the abolition of all college fees, and maintenance grants to be brought into line with social welfare payments. He did none of them. Free article

The building industry - a new look at the union's role

2 March 2000

``Who would have thought that conditions in the building industry, which is experiencing boom time as never before, could be poor?'' asks Nicky Kehoe, Sinn Féin Councillor who is a brickie himself. ``It's a typical example of the Celtic Tiger. Those at the top, the big building companies, are making a fortune, but those at the other end of the scale don't see many of the benefits.'' Free article

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