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17 February 2000 Edition

British to blame for crisis - IRA

17 February 2000

In an exclusive interview with An Phoblacht, a spokesperson for Oglaigh na hÉireann apportions responsibility for the current deep crisis firmly at the feet of the British Government for giving in to the unionist veto. Free article

Dawn raids in West Belfast

17 February 2000

A pensioner was taken ill and rushed to hospital after the RUC, accompanied by the British Army, staged a series of dawn raids on nationalist homes in West Belfast. Free article

British fast track Orange agenda

17 February 2000

The British government's new appointments to the Parades Commission, announced on Wednesday, 16 February, have been slammed by Sinn Féin Upper Bann Assembly member Dara O'Hagan. Free article


O'Neill's killer gives evidence

17 February 2000

The Metropolitan police officer responsible for firing the fatal shots at Diarmuid O'Neill gave evidence to the inquest into the killing on Monday 14 February. Identified only by the name `Kilo' and giving evidence from behind a screen, the officer claimed that he opened fire because he thought his own life was in danger. Free article

Gardaí ordered to release Fusco documents

17 February 2000

The High Court, sitting in Dublin, has ordered the state to produce all documentation on garda efforts to locate Angelo Fusco during the period between the Supreme Court's ordering of his extradition in February 1998 and his arrest on 3 January last. All communications between gardaí and the Minister for Justice in relation to that period must also be released, said Judge O'Neill. Free article

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