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10 February 2000 Edition

Unionist veto may destroy Agreement

10 February 2000

The Good Friday Agreement is under the greatest threat to its existence so far, as unionist attempts to bring it down appear to face no opposition from the British government. Free article

British occupy more flats

10 February 2000

The British Army is busy occupying the eleventh floor of a residential flats complex in North Belfast. Free article

Election victory in Antrim

10 February 2000

The result of the Antrim North-West by-election last week was an electoral triumph for Sinn Féin. Pauline Davey-Kennedy, former Magherafelt councillor, pipped rival nationalist SDLP candidate Brian Duffin and Antrim town UUP candidate Avril Swan. Free article

Paddy's Day court bid

10 February 2000

The St Patrick's Day Carnival Committee is to take Belfast City Council to court over its refusal to fund this year's St Patrick's Day parade in the city. Free article


Fusco denied bail

10 February 2000

Sinn Féin's Martin Ferris has said that republicans and nationalists will be disappointed and angry at the refusal of the Dublin High Court on Monday, 7 February, to grant Angelo Fusco bail. Free article

Sectarian attack in Larne

10 February 2000

``These people came out to murder,'' said Philip Murphy as he described the arson attack on his house in Ballytober Road, Larne. The Murphy family were due to move into their ``dream home'' after building work was completed on the 200-year-old property. An arson attack in the early hours of Sunday morning reduced the house to a burnt out shell and destroyed the family's hopes. Free article

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