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25 November 1999 Edition

Historic opportunity

25 November 1999

Speaking in Dublin on Wednesday, 24 November Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams outlined a republican vision for Ireland of ``a one-island people, emancipated and at peace with each other''. Free article

Machete victim saved by neighbours

25 November 1999

Michael O'Hara, a community activist from the Short Strand are of East Belfast, escaped death last week at the hands of machete-wielding loyalists only after neighbours, who heard his screams, chased away his attackers. Free article

Equality in a New Century

25 November 1999

On the eve of the new century and the new millennium, there has never been more optimism about the present health and future prospects for the Irish economy. No government in the history of the 26-County State has had such a large budget surplus as that which the Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrats Coalition now possesses, the third such surplus since it took office. Free article

British Army sabotaged collusion inquiry

25 November 1999

A former British agent has claimed that the fire which gutted the operational headquarters of the Stevens' Inquiry team in 1990 was deliberately started by a covert unit of the British Army. Free article


RUC survey adds insult to injury

25 November 1999

Christine Devenney, daughter of Sammy Devenney, who died after being attacked in his home by the RUC in 1969, says that she is ``sick to her stomach'' after receiving a survey from the RUC asking her for her views on policing. Free article

Teenager beaten by RUC

25 November 1999

If anybody still needed proof of why the RUC must be disbanded then they should look no further than the vicious assault on a 15-year-old Armagh City boy, who was attacked by the RUC on the night of Sunday, 24 October. Free article

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