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11 November 1999 Edition

Decision time

11 November 1999

Negotiations under the Mitchell Review are now at a critical point. There is clearly exasperation among people at the length of the review, which has now gone well beyond what was intended. What was supposed to be a ``short, sharp review'' is now into its tenth week. Free article

Conspiracy to murder

11 November 1999

It was 5am and in the McKee family's Turf Lodge home, RUC Inspector Dixon was informing Joe McKee that his name and personal details had been discovered on a loyalist death list. Free article

British militarisation continues

11 November 1999

The British army is engaged in a major programme of refortification in South Armagh. Free article

Night of shame as State enters PfP

11 November 1999

In one of the most shameful votes in the history of Leinster House, the Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael parties joined forces on Tuesday night to bring the 26-County State into NATO's so-called Partnership for Peace. Free article


Dublin's refugee service crisis

11 November 1999

It was coming. Anyone could see it. The staff in the Refugee Application Centre at 11 Mount Street, the one stop shop for registration, money for something to eat, accommodation, legal advice, and counselling, shut its doors on Monday, 8 November. Refugees who had queued since 2am the night before, were left with no money, nowhere to sleep, nowhere to go, no one to help. Free article

RUC assault ex-POW

11 November 1999

``Calm down, there's too many cameras around. We'll get him in the barracks,'' said one RUC officer to his companions as they carried out a savage attack on former republican prisoner Packie Leonard. Free article

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