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14 October 1999 Edition

Anonymity for all Bloody Sunday soldiers

14 October 1999

Further controversy this week surrounds the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday as it ruled that all the soldiers in Derry on 30 January 1972 are to be granted anonymity, whether they fired their weapons or not. Free article

The burning of the Cages 25th anniversary special

14 October 1999

The history of British rule in Ireland is littered with the struggle of Irish prisoners against repressive regimes within the jails. In 1974, the H Blocks were already under construction when republican POWs held in the Cages of Long Kesh prison camp resisted an attempt to undermine their morale and status as political prisoners. Free article

Make or break time for Agreement

14 October 1999

For some considerable time now, the excuse for lack of political movement in the peace prcocess has been that nothing could happen until the Ulster Unionist Party Annual Conference was out of the way. Free article

Is Stobie still shielding his RUC handlers?

14 October 1999

In 1990, William Stobie, the RUC Special Branch informer and UDA quartermaster who supplied the weapons used in the killing of Belfast human rights lawyer Pat Finucane, shivered with fright as he was interviewed at his own request by Sunday Tribune journalist Ed Moloney. Free article


Baby escapes death

14 October 1999

A two-month-old baby and it's parents narrowly escaped death when loyalists hurled a pipe bomb through the sitting room window of their Twinbrook home in Belfast in the early hours of Monday, 12 October. Free article

Relatives demand justice

14 October 1999

A new relatives group, Border Relatives, was launched earlier this week at a press conference in Dublin. Free article

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