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16 September 1999 Edition

Sinister RUC agenda exposed

16 September 1999

The RUC's true colours were this week exposed by three men, who gave evidence at a Sinn Féin press conference on Wednesday, 15 September, of the methods used by both the RUC and the British intelligence service, MI5, to recruit informers in nationalist communities. Free article

Patten meets mixed response

16 September 1999

This week, nationalists and republicans throughout Ireland start the process of examining and discussing the Patten Report on policing in the Six Counties. Free article

Loyalists shoot 13-year-old girl

16 September 1999

A 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL who was shot in the stomach with a pellet gun and beaten with baseball bats by three loyalists from the White City area of North Belfast believed she was going to be killed. Free article

Orange Volunteers threaten

16 September 1999

Loyalist paramilitary group the Orange Volunteers is threatening to launch a ``winter campaign'' if Sinn Féin is allowed into the Executive. Free article


Illegal British Army guns seized

16 September 1999

BRITISH SOLDIERS stationed at one of the North's biggest military bases had a secret cache of AK-47 assault rifles stashed illegally in their quarters, it has been disclosed. Free article

Bloody Sunday tapes expose Lynch and Heath

16 September 1999

New tape evidence acquired by the Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday has served to further enhance the view that the Dublin government of the time was not prepared to stand up to the British over the 1972 massacre. Free article

Mo keeps mum on Big Brother

16 September 1999

British intelligence has been monitoring all phone calls and other electronic communications to and from Ireland since at least 1990 and despite approaches from the Irish government following recent revelations the British government still refuses to comment publicly on the scandal. Free article

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