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2 September 1999 Edition

Isolated Catholics bear brunt

2 September 1999

Writing in An Phoblacht shortly after the IRA announced its cessation of military activity on 20 July 1997, we stated that the test of the renewed peace process would be how isolated Catholic communities in towns such as Larne fared over the duration of the peace process. If we are to use areas like Larne, particularly over last weekend, as a gauge to measure the success of the peace process, then we can only conclude that the peace process, or more to the point unionist failure to hold up their end of the bargain, has failed Catholics in such isolated areas. Free article

Policing checklist launched ahead of Patten Report

2 September 1999

Community leaders and human rights activists have launched a checklist of key principles to assist the public in evaluating the proposals for future policing to be disclosed in the forthcoming report by the Patten Commission. The launch was held on Tuesday, 31 August, at the Falls Community Council in Belfast and in attendance were Clara Reilly of the United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets, Mark Thompson of Relatives For Justice, and Toni Carragher of the South Armagh Farmers and Residents Committee. Free article

Ronnie Flanagan: The RUC Chief Constable

2 September 1999

On 4 November 1996, Ronnie Flanagan took up his post as Chief Constable (CC) of the RUC, one of the most powerful posts occupied by an unelected official in either Ireland or Britain. Free article

Governments must restore confidence in process

2 September 1999

The past week has been dominated by Mo Mowlam's announcement regarding the IRA cessation and unionist reaction to it. This has tended to obscure deep nationalist disillusionment and lack of confidence in the current political process. But such disillusionment is real and widespread and neither government can afford to ignore it. Free article


Exhumed after 57 years

2 September 1999

Nationalists and republicans throughout Ireland have welcomed the news that the remains of IRA Volunteer Tom Williams have been exhumed from the grave in Crumlin Road jail, Belfast, where he was buried after his execution by the British on 2 September 1942. Now, 57 years later and after a campaign lasting many years for his removal from the Belfast jail, the IRA Volunteer will soon receive a proper burial. Free article

Bigotry and unionism go hand in hand

2 September 1999

The failure of unionist politicians to implement the Good Friday Agreement has highlighted to the world at large the bigotry of unionist ideology which prevents them from sharing power with Catholics. Free article

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