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19 August 1999 Edition

Armoured RUC thugs batter nationalists

19 August 1999

ANY CREDIBILITY retained by the Parades Commission was shattered on Saturday morning last, 14 August, when a large force of body-armoured RUC officers beat peaceful nationalist protesters off the Ormeau Road to facilitate a parade of 19 members of the Apprentice Boys. Free article

Never Again

19 August 1999

In August 1969, the Six Counties erupted in civil unrest and loyalist pogrom as the Protestant state for a Protestant people came apart at the seams. Free article

Informer comes forward

19 August 1999

A South Armagh man has admitted to working as a paid informer for the last ten years. Twenty-nine-year-old John McKeown from Mobane, near Crossmaglen told a packed press conference in Dundalk on Thursday 12 August that he was given a total of £10,000 by his RUC Special Branch handlers for passing on information since 1989. Free article


DPP ruling needs public explanation

19 August 1999

A LEADING human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch, has called on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the Six Counties to make public the reasons behind the decision not to prosecute the RUC officers responsible for the brutal beating of Davy Adams. Free article

Something in the air

19 August 1999

THIRTY YEARS AFTER the arrival of British troops onto the streets of the Six Counties, and 26 years after the foundation of the Troops Out Movement in England, Aly Renwick, a former British Army soldier and one of the founding members of Troops Out, recalls the events and politics which shaped the movement in the 1970s. Free article

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