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15 July 1999 Edition

Blair's blunder

15 July 1999

It appears as if Tony Blair's efforts to pander to unionism by excluding Sinn Féin will founder on the rock of unionist intransigence. Free article

Twelfth not so peaceful for nationalists

15 July 1999

Despite the huge media circus surrounding the Twelfth and the constant reminders from commentators that this year's Orange parades and demonstrations were peaceful, nationalists throughout the Six Counties have a different tale to tell. Free article

American report slams RUC

15 July 1999

The U.S. Congressional International Relations Committee has called on the Patten Commission to back radical transformation of policing in the North of Ireland. A delegation of American Congressmen arrived in Belfast last week to hand over a highly critical report on the RUC. The report follows hearings by the International Relations Committee held earlier this year. Free article

People, not just profits

15 July 1999

Twenty percent of the 26-County population bought shares in Telecom Éireann last week. Twenty-three percent of the 26-County population are functionally illiterate, which means they would not have been able to fill out their share application forms. This is a startling example of the realities of economic inequality in the Irish economy today. It is just one of the United Nations' damning findings about economic and social inequality in not only Ireland but around the world. Free article


Ex-POW support groups gear up

15 July 1999

In November 1998, Coiste na n-Iarchimí was established as the umbrella organisation to co-ordinate the activities of groups and individuals working with republican ex-prisoners and their families. Free article

Bloody Sunday judgment reserved

15 July 1999

The High Court in London has reserved judgement on the appeal brought by the Bloody Sunday Inquiry to overturn the decision made last month to grant anonymity to former soldiers who took part in the shootings. Free article

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