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17 June 1999 Edition

Y E S !

17 June 1999

Scenes of jubilation in count centres across the nation greeted Sinn Féin's breakthrough local election performance in the 26 Counties. This tremendous result was followed by improved European election showings, particularly impressive being the 117,693 votes garnered by Mitchel McLaughlin in the Six Counties. Free article

Rosemary Nelson ``day of action''

17 June 1999

An International Day of Action was organised on Tuesday 15 June by the Rosemary Nelson Campaign to mark the three-month anniversary of the human rights solicitor's assassination, urging greater public support for the campaign for an independent inquiry into the killing. Free article

Recruitment attempt in England

17 June 1999

A West of Ireland man who has spent many years in England has complained to An Phoblacht of a recent approach by British Intelligence, the second such recruitment attempt in 18 months. Free article

Injunction against Daily Telegraph

17 June 1999

The Bloody Sunday families were awarded an injunction against The Daily Telegraph at the High Court in Belfast on Tuesday, 15 June. The legal victory prevents the paper, which is backing the right to anonymity for British paratroopers, from printing libelous stories about the relatives of the Bloody Sunday dead. Free article


Kilkeel nationalists attacked by loyalists and RUC

17 June 1999

Nationalists in Kilkeel, County Down are accusing the RUC of colluding with loyalists in carrying out a brutal attack on residents in the town on Friday 11 June. Free article

Loyalist supremacy complex

17 June 1999

Loyalists are attempting to up the ante in the run up to Drumcree by planning a ``long walk'' throughout the Six Counties. Free article

British `Gameplan' Fear

17 June 1999

The suspicion that the British government and the NIO may be preparing to storm the Orange Order down the Garvaghy Road this July has caused alarm within nationalist communities across the North. Gerry McConville of the community group based Belfast Friends of Garvaghy Road said the prospect of a replay of the notorious `gameplan' of Drumcree 1997 had been rekindled recently. Free article

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