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13 May 1999 Edition

Loyalist terror fills political vacuum

13 May 1999

In the latest of a string of loyalist attacks, which appear to be seriously escalating as the year progresses, a 39-year-old Catholic workman was shot and wounded in a loyalist murder bid on Wednesday, 12 May. Free article

Anger clear during debate on Agreement

13 May 1999

The anger and frustrarion among republicans after a year without political progress was clear in contributions from delegates during the debate on the Good Friday Agreement on Sunday afternoon. Free article

Increased British military activity

13 May 1999

Sinn Féin councillor Brian Cunningham is angry over increased British military presence in the Keady, Derrynoose, Grangemore and Middletown areas of South Armagh in recent weeks. Free article

No Bloody Sunday anonymity - a major victory for families

13 May 1999

Relatives of the 14 people shot dead by British paratroopers on Bloody Sunday have hailed as a major victory the latest ruling by the Saville Inquiry into the massacre. Late on Friday night, 7 May, Saville ruled that no British soldiers or RUC members on duty on 30 January 1972 would be granted anonymity. Free article


MI5 target North Belfast man

13 May 1999

Ardoyne man Gerard Martin, in a brave move, came forward at a press conference on Friday 7 May, to publicly highlight the actions of British undercover agents from MI5, who in a prolonged seven-month recruitment attempt threatened to kill him. Free article

Law Society forced to support inquiry calls

13 May 1999

The Law Society, the body which represents solicitors in the Six Counties, has been forced to support calls for independent inquiries into the killings of solicitors Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson. Free article

Masts idiocy

13 May 1999

``Why do they choose to put a mast right beside the GAA pitch and on top of the National school and housing estate?'' Asks Hugh-James Gallagher, from Drumshambo. ``Aren't there enough bare mountains in the county, where there's not a sinner living within miles, which would suit them?'' Free article

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