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6 May 1999 Edition

Collusion: The truth will out

6 May 1999

The 11-page document, revealed by The Independent on 4 May, which was sent by the Irish government to the Northern Ireland Office last month and which detailed its suspicions that crown forces in the Six Counties colluded with loyalists to carry out the murders of nationalists, including Pat Finucane, Free article

Trimble finally meets Garvaghy spokespersons

6 May 1999

After delaying four years, UUP leader, First minister designate, and local MP David Trimble finally met with Garvaghy Road resident's spokesperson Breandan MacCionnaith in Craigavon on Tuesday night, 4 May. Free article

Intimidation and attacks

6 May 1999

The Orange Volunteers attacked the Ramble Inn in south Antrim on Wednesday night, 28 April, with a pipe bomb, the same pub where six people were killed by loyalists in 1976. The device exploded outside the pub around 11 pm. Free article

McLaughlin confident as 6 Co. Euro campaign kicks-off

6 May 1999

Mitchell McLaughlin is confident that the forthcoming European election can be a great success and that there is for the first time a chance that Sinn Féin could obtain the MEP's seat. Speaking in West Belfast, the Sinn Féin chairperson and Assembly member for Foyle said: ``European elections have traditionally proved difficult for Sinn Féin. However, in the period that elapsed since the last EU election there has been a considerable change in the political landscape. Free article


Sinn Féin seeks to rescue flagging Peace Process

6 May 1999

Gerry Adams will lead a delegation to meet Tony Blair at Downing Street today, Thursday, 6 May, as part of Sinn Féin's efforts to resolve the current deep crisis in the peace process. Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will also meet the British Premier, as shuttle diplomacy continues against a backdrop of political stalemate. Free article

EU is funding the depopulation of Leitrim

6 May 1999

``One hundred years ago, there were 5,000 people living in Drumshambo. Now there are 800.'' Free article

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