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15 April 1999 Edition

Adams challenges governments

15 April 1999

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has challenged the British and Irish governments to publicly state if they have abandoned the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

British Army eating concrete?

15 April 1999

Are British soldiers eating concrete blocks for lunch and corrugated metal for dinner? The question was being asked in South Armagh this week after the British Army said that 11 pallets containing building material flown into Glassdrummond spypost were ``merely routine re-supply consumables''. Free article

RUC and British slammed in United Nations report

15 April 1999

Caitlin Doherty analyses the UN report that highlights collusion between the RUC and loyalist death squads and again demands an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane. The report raises serious concerns at a time the Rosemary Nelson inquiry is set to stay in the hands of the RUC. Free article

Loyalists renew Harryville picket

15 April 1999

The loyalist picket of the Saturday 6pm mass at the Church of Our Lady in Harryville, Ballymena, restarted last weekend with groups of loyalists, including DUP councillor Davy Tweed, laying siege to the Catholic chapel. Free article


Lurgan attack linked to death threat

15 April 1999

A 26-year-old Lurgan man had a lucky escape when he inadvertently walked into what may have been a loyalist ambush as he returned home from a night out at the weekend. Free article

Armagh arrests ``provocative''

15 April 1999

The four men arrested in RUC dawn raids on their homes in South Armagh on Tuesday, 13 April are, contrary to media reports, not being held in connection with the death of Eamon Collins. Free article

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