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11 March 1999 Edition

British stalling fuels crisis

11 March 1999

By passing over the March 10 deadline and refusing to trigger the d'Hondt mechanism and devolve power to the Northern Executive British Secretary of State Mowlam has again blinked. Free article

When `legal' guns become Loyalist guns

11 March 1999

Speaking after meeting General John de Chastelain on Monday morning in Belfast. to outline their fears at how the decommissioning issue has been elevated to the point where it threatens to destroy the peace process, a delegation from Relatives for Justice told AP/RN, ``as a group representing those who have suffered at the hands of loyalists, the RUC and the British Army, we have watched the peace process developing but we share the concern, particularly as those who have shouldered the coffins of murdered relatives, that the peace process is too important to be sacrificed over the decommissioning issue.'' Free article

RUC in hiding after N.Y. TKO

11 March 1999

The Royal Ulster Constabulary won't be taking part in any public displays of charity in New York City next week, after a boxing match at the prestigious Jacob Javits Convention Center in Lower Manhattan was abruptly canceled when grassroots Irish America raised its voice in protest. Free article

International Women's Day

11 March 1999

Sinn Féin celebrated International Women's Day, 8 March, at Stormount with a discussion on what the Assembly can achieve for women in today's society. Free article


Festival of Fun

11 March 1999

Despite the best efforts of Unionist politicians, the people of Belfast are set to hold one of the biggest and most colourful St Patrick's Day parades ever seen in the city. Free article

More Orange rallies planned for Drumcree

11 March 1999

As the reign of sectarian terror and intimidation suffered by the residents of Garvaghy Road continues with more Orange protest rallies planned this week, nationalists were pessimistic that a solution could be found to end the stand-off at Drumcree. Free article

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