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22 October 1998 Edition

Crucial week ahead

22 October 1998

The end of next week sees the date by which the institutions specified in the Good Friday Agreement should be set up. Free article

Increased British patrols in South Armagh

22 October 1998

``There's no sign of a ceasefire in this area,'' said South Armagh farmer John Lenaghan. Free article

Young and independent

22 October 1998

`The past year has witnessed the emergence and development of Sinn Fein Youth as the most vibrant and popular youth political grouping on this island. Free article

Sectarian intimidation in Whitewell reaches crisis

22 October 1998

At the foot of Cavehill and on the shores of Belfast Lough, the Whitewell and adjoining Graymount estate should be an ideal place to raise a family. As we drive into the estate, the sun is shining and the sky blue, only the telltale number of `For sale' notices indicate a serious problem in the area. Free article


H-Block 3 out on bail

22 October 1998

Three Irish political prisoners enjoyed their first breath of freedom in more than a year when last Friday a judge ordered their release on bail from a California federal prison where they were being held pending extradition to the Six Counties. Free article

Appointment of Gudgin threatens equality

22 October 1998

David Trimble's appointment of Graham Gudgin as his personal economic advisor could pose a serious threat to the ability of the Assembly to deliver on the equality agenda, according to Sinn Fein economic spokesperson Dara O'Hagan. Free article

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