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3 September 1998 Edition

SF's bold initiative

3 September 1998

In a bold series of initiatives Sinn Féin this week helped ensure the peace process continues to its next stage, the setting up of the Executive and the All-Ireland bodies. Free article

Killer Guards freed

3 September 1998

At a press conference in West Belfast on Wednesday the family of Peter McBride slammed the release earlier that morning of the two Scots Guards who killed him. Free article

Omagh bomb group must disband - IRA

3 September 1998

Full text of an interview with a spokesperson from Oglaigh na hEireann Free article

Draconian laws under fire

3 September 1998

A wave of condemnation from a number of legal and human rights groups has met the British government's proposed `emergency' legislation to reintroduce internment by the back door. Free article


Portadown loyalists on rampage

3 September 1998

A 200 strong mob of loyalists rampaged through a Portadown town centre shopping mall on Saturday 29 August, shouting `Fenians get out - this is Ulster' and attacking weekend shoppers, including a relative of murdered Portadown nationalist Robert Hamill. Earlier they had blocked traffic and distributed leaflets. Free article

Orange `ribbon of hate' campaign

3 September 1998

Five hundred people attended an Orange rally in Antrim town on Wednesday night, 26 August, to show support for the campaign of intimidation of nationalists in the Garvaghy estate in Portadown. Free article

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