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30 July 1998 Edition

Saulters silenced

30 July 1998

Orange Order Grand Master Robert Saulters has done an amazing U-turn in the past few days in relation to the organisation's position on speaking to nationalist residents. Free article

Guards campaign stepped up

30 July 1998

The Fisher/Wright Release Group, the British MPs and British military personnel who are fighting to have the murderers of a Belfast teenager released, staged a publicity stunt outside the Northern Ireland Office in London on Thursday 24 July. Free article

Tension and fear in Derry

30 July 1998

An uncharacteristic tension and fear mounted in Derry this week. Hot on the heels of the UDA murder attempt on two quiet Catholic brothers living in a mixed estate in the Waterside, a prominent loyalist issued a blunt warning that he could not guarantee the safety of Catholics who continued to live in mixed estates in the Waterside. Both events are seen as blatant threats to the nationalist community that worse is to come unless nationalists back down from insisting that Apprentice Boys speak to local residents over the August 8 march which effectively shuts down the city for a day. Free article

RUC informer recruitment fails

30 July 1998

An Ardoyne mother has been approached by the RUC who tried to recruit her to inform on republicans in the area. Free article


Bloody Sunday Inquiry rulings acceptable

30 July 1998

Relatives and wounded said they will cooperate with the Bloody Sunday Inquiry following Friday's rulings by its chair, Lord Saville. This involves the handover of documents that they had intimated could be withheld for another inquiry if the arrangements proved impossible to ensure a fair hearing. Free article

Report proposes ``cosmetic change'' to RUC

30 July 1998

A British House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report on the future of the RUC, published on Monday 27 July, has been blasted by Sinn Fein's Assembly member, Bairbre de Brun, as ``woefully inadequate'' and ``deeply flawed''. De Brún that the proposals in the report would lead only to ``cosmetic change'' in the force. Free article

Loyalists maintain siege of Portadown nationalists

30 July 1998

Supporters of the Orange Order are maintaining their siege of nationalist areas of Portadown. The Drumcree stand-off may be over but for the past ten days there have been nightly protest marches, blockades of the nationalist districts and street thuggery by loyalists. Free article

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