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2 July 1998 Edition

Towards a future as equals

2 July 1998

Sinn Fein received over 142,000 first preferences votes throughout the North in last Thursday's Assembly election, making it the third largest party in Ireland, behind only Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Free article

Garvaghy residents fear march will go ahead

2 July 1998

``..upon retiring from service, on the different roads leading to their respective homes, they gave full scope to the anti-papal zeal with which [the service] had inspired them, falling upon every Catholic they met, beating and bruising them without distinction, breaking the doors and windows of their houses, and actually murdering two unoffending peasants..'' The Drumcree church parade of 1795, and antecedent of the present day Orange Order's July service, described by historian Francis Plowden in his ``History of Ireland'' published 1809. Free article

Attacks on Lurgan residents

2 July 1998

A dossier of complaints is to be presented to Police Commission Chair, Chris Patten, following a series of assaults on nationalist residents during Crown force raiding in Lurgan's Kilwilkie estate. The attacks began at 5am on 29 June after raids uncovered ammunition and a quantity of explosives in one house in the estate. Around one thousand RUC, RIR and British troops were involved in the operation, marauding around the estate kicking in doors and threatening residents. Free article

Clegg legal bid dismissed

2 July 1998

Moves by Paratrooper Lee Clegg's lawyers to restrict the prosecution case at his re-trial for the 1990 murder of 18-year-old Karen Reilly were dismissed by Lord Justice MacDermott at a pre-trial hearing last Wednesday 25 June. Free article


Loyalist attack on family

2 July 1998

Dara O'Hagan, Sinn Fein's Assembly member for Upper Bann, has slammed the attack on a Lurgan family by a loyalist mob. Free article

£6m spent to slur Stalker inquiry

2 July 1998

The British Commons home affairs committee was told on Tuesday that the Greater Manchester police force spent £6 million defending a charge of malicious prosecution by businessman Kevin Taylor. Free article

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