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19 March 1998 Edition

Pressure grows on RUC

19 March 1998

Calls to disband the RUC will grow in coming weeks with the publication of a United Nations report linking the RUC to loyalist death squads and the publication of a book in the US which claims that high ranking RUC and UDR officers ran a campaign of political and sectarian assassinations against Northern nationalists in the late 1980s and early `90s. Free article

Exposed: Discrimination in Belfast Council

19 March 1998

In a damning new report, Belfast Sinn Féin Councillor Tom Hartley shows that Catholics and women continue to be under-represented in the Belfast City Council workforce. This week, in the first of his two-part report, he reveals the extent of anti-Catholic discrimination. Free article

Here they come......again

19 March 1998

It was a first. A St Patrick's Day Parade to the heart of Belfast city centre. It was brilliant. Tens of thousands of people celebrating their birthright not in a triumphalist display but with self effacing good humour. It was a day for families to relax and enjoy. Free article


SF encouraged by Clinton meeting

19 March 1998

US journalists have remarked on the difference between President Clinton's meetings with Sinn Féin and the Ulster Unionists in the White House on Monday. Free article

Getting down to business

19 March 1998

As the green rivers of St Patrick's Day flow away, so does the high-blown rhetoric surrounding the Stormont talks. The integrity of the quarrel remains and no amount of British government spin-doctoring can hide the fact that the negotiations have a lot of ground to make up in their last weeks. Free article

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