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22 January 1998 Edition

The fast links of solidarity

22 January 1998

Saoirse in Coalisland, County Tyrone held a 40 hour fast on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the POWs in Ireland, England and America. Mary Kelly from the Caqueta Amazonia Rainforest Campaign joined them. Free article

IRA blames Blair for crisis

22 January 1998

The IRA has rejected the Propositions on Heads of Agreement as a basis for reaching a peace settlement. In a statement on Wednesday night they described it as a ``pro-Unionist document'' which has ``created a crisis in the peace process''. They lay blame for the crisis firmly with Tony Blair's Labour Government who is ``yet another British Prime Minister [who] has succumbed to the Orange Card''. Free article

Myth of tit-for-tat

22 January 1998

Residents from the Lower Ormeau Road are challenging media reports which have described the loyalist murder of 52-year-old Larry Brennan as ``retaliation'' or ``tit-for-tat''. Free article

Undercover operation was against republicans

22 January 1998

IT HAS emerged that the British soldier who shot a member of the RUC in Belfast last week was involved in an undercover operation against republcans. Free article


Unionist democracy exposed as a sham

22 January 1998

Below, Sinn Féin's Belfast City Councillors outline the undemocratic nature of the Unionist parties in Belfast City Hall. At a time when Unionists are pushing for an internal settlement, the Sinn Féin report shows that little has changed in the Orange State. Free article

Anti-drugs groups demand resources

22 January 1998

LEADING anti-drugs groups have united to call on the Dublin government to honour its election promise to provide funding for youth development. Free article

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