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27 November 1997 Edition

People power needed

27 November 1997

Gerry Adams told a packed audience in the Europa Hotel ballroom in Belfast on Sunday night ``not to allow under any circumstances this struggle to be reduced to a room at Stormont.'' Free article

The United Irish in South Ulster

27 November 1997

The 16th Annual Fearghal O'Hanlon Memorial Lecture was held in Monaghan on Sunday 23 November with 150 people present. The proceedings were chaired by local Sinn Féin chairperson Seán Conlon who welcomed the attendance. He noted the multi-denominational and cross-party nature of the audience, as appropriate at the first of a series of Sinn Féin events to mark the 200th anniversary of the United Irish Revolution of 1798. Free article

RUC attack protesters

27 November 1997

Two Sinn Féin Youth activists were arrested and several others physically attacked and threatened during a Disband the RUC protest at Cushendall RUC barracks last Sunday. Free article


SF blaze trail across US

27 November 1997

Since Martin McGuinness arrived in the US 14 days ago the Sinn Fein presence in America has not let up. At present the party's two main information officers, Rita O'Hare and Richard McAuley, are in the US. Free article

Dismantle spy post

27 November 1997

Three bands led a rain-bedraggled crowd of determined marchers in north Belfast last Sunday afternoon. They were demanding the removal of the British spy post from the top of the twelve storey Teach Meabha flats. Free article

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