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13 November 1997 Edition

Split stories slammed

13 November 1997

An IRA spokesperson has told An Phoblacht that `those who are set on promoting division or a split within the IRA will themselves be disappointed to learn that the IRA remains intact, united and committed.' Free article

Edentubber Martyrs

13 November 1997

In the largest turnout at an Edentubber Martyrs Commemoration for many years, 1000 republicans marched in bright sunshine to the Edentubber Memorial at the border north of Dundalk last Sunday. Free article

RUC admits collusion with drug dealers

13 November 1997

An RUC drug squad chief has admitted that RUC Special Branch collude and protect drug dealers if they are acting as informers. Free article

Bullet threat to youth

13 November 1997

AN 18 YEAR OLD FROM Crumlin village outside Belfast fears for his life after a live bullet was posted through his door. Free article


Connolly Association conference warns against complacency

13 November 1997

This year's annual conference of the Connolly Association will reaffirm the organisation's belief in the benefits of a united Ireland and discuss the possibility of an interim settlement as the most likely outcome of the current peace process. Free article

Prison campaigns urged to expand

13 November 1997

Despite an IRA cessation and political talks, the reality for families of Irish political prisoners in English jails remains as it has been, according to Caroline McEvoy of the Committee for the Transfer of Irish Prisoners. Free article

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