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13 February 1997 Edition

Set Róisín free

13 February 1997

Róisín McAliskey, a young Irishwoman who is seven months pregnant is lying without proper medical treatment, subject to daily strip-searches, and cut off from relatives and friends in the ``concrete tomb'' of high security in an English prison. Free article

The front line of bigotry

13 February 1997

SOME REPORTS FROM HARRYVILLE last weekend suggested that the Orange band parade in the 22nd week of loyalist protest outside Ballymena's beleaguered Catholic Church of Our Lady passed off peacefully. Free article

British soldier shot dead

13 February 1997

A single shot from a sniper killed a British soldier in Bessbrook, South Armagh on Wednesday night. The soldier was at a permanent vehicle checkpoint close to the heavily-fortified Bessbrook British Army Base when the attack occurred. The checkpoint was set up last October in a bid to strengthen security near the base. Free article

A vision in focus

13 February 1997

How many ard fheiseanna have you been to where delegates stream to the podium to ask the perennial question, ``whatever happened the review promised at the previous ard fheis of current party policy?'' Free article


Basque POW murdered

13 February 1997

During the Irish-Basque Solidarity Group's week of activities to highlight the conditions of Basque political prisoners in jails in Spain and France, news emerged from Spain that 43 year old Basque prisoner Jose Maria Aranzamendi was found hanged in a Madrid jail on 7 February. It was later reported that his hands and feet were tied at the time of his death. Free article

Towards a Lasting Peace - five years on

13 February 1997

Writing in this paper five years ago this month, Danny Morrison, then a prisoner in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh, made the following statement: ``The only certain way to stop young nationalists from taking up arms is to provide them with a credible alternative to armed struggle.'' Free article

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