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30 January 1997 Edition

It's McGuinness vs McCrea

30 January 1997

The announcement by Sinn Féin that Martin McGuinness is to be the party's candidate in the Mid-Ulster constituency in the Westminster election is the first step in the campaign to regain the seat for nationalists. Free article

New evidence destroys Widgery facade

30 January 1997

A new report* which examined the statements made by British soldiers on the evening of Bloody Sunday and their evidence to the Widgery Tribunal has found that ``the soldiers' evidence is unreliable - you can't trust it''. Free article

Daring attacks in Belfast and Ballynahinch

30 January 1997

British soldiers again narrowly escaped death this week in two separate IRA attacks in Ballynahinch Co Down and West Belfast. Free article

North Report storm before publication

30 January 1997

Speculation regarding the contents of the North report into disputed parades, to be released today 30 January, has led many commentators to predict that both the Unionists and the British government will respond negatively. Free article


Trying to avert Drumcree 3

30 January 1997

Nationalist residents of Portadown's Garvaghy Road are to meet Church of Ireland Primate Robin Eames this Saturday 1 February in the latest in a series of meetings aimed at heading off a crisis over this year's Orange march at Drumcree. Free article

Where unemployment is normal

30 January 1997

I met a friend the other day with whom I spent time in prison. He's a laid-back guy, the sort who reckons an issue is not a problem unless it is raised repeatedly for several weeks. We'll call this friend Theo. Free article

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