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24 September 2009 Edition

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24 September 2009

It's all about the economy, stupid. Brian Cowen keeps telling us that 'we're stronger in Europe' and that we will lose jobs and investment if we vote No on 2 October. Enda Kenny tells us that saying Yes to Lisbon means saying 'Yes to Jobs'. Neither of these two economic geniuses are in a position to offer advice on job creation. Brian Cowen has presided over the loss of 200,000 jobs in the last 12 months. Enda Kenny proposed the sacking of 14,000 public sector workers in Fine Gael's April pre-Budget submission. Free article

The 'cut, copy and paste' of shorthand, shortsighted economics

24 September 2009

The 'Bord Snip Nua' report contains harsh proposals, not least the prospect of scrapping the Family Support Agency which funds 107 Family Resource Centres throughout the 26 Counties. It's false economy when you take into account the contribution these Resource Centres make to communities and families across the State, including training, education and affordable childcare for participants in any of the activities facilitated through the centres. The project is about the self-empowerment of families and communities. Just when this project would have been at its peak in terms of relevant input into the sectors worst hit by the recession, along comes the 'cut copy and paste' of shorthand, shortsighted economics. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

24 September 2009

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the media hype around the supposed threat of 'terrorists' attacks against the new Chief Constable of the PSNI, Matt Baggot. The outworking last Monday of the alleged 'threat' in Derry resulted in traffic chaos throughout the City during the early morning rush hour period. Mr Baggot comes with an impressive array of policing credentials all of which he will need if he is to sort out the remnants of the old sectarian RUC still wagging the tail of the fledgling 'new beginners'. Free article


24 September 2009

Nuair a bhí mé óg chaithimís, na deartháracha agus mé féin, go leor ama amuigh i dteach mo sheanathar agus sheanmháthar in Ard Mhuire, trí mhíle ó dheas ó Chathair Dhoire. Uaireanta thógfaimis an bus amach, agus lá a chaitheadh ag rothaíocht agus ag siúl sna páirceanna agus ar bhruacha an Fhaughain, uaireanta ag dul ó Ard Mhuire go hArd Choill, go Geosadán, Coill an Lao agus ag casadh ag Droichead Bun an Tolaide don turas abhaile ar Bhóthar Ghleann Seáin agus tríd an tuar agus trasna an Faughan arís. Ní raibh a fhios againn ag an am ach bhí muid ag trasnú níos mó ná an Faughan: bhí muid ag trasnú teorainneacha ar léarscáil seicteach-pholaitiúla a bhí leagtha síos i bhfad roimh ré agus a phléascfadh go luath arís i bhforéigean fíochmhar stat-fhaomhaithe. Free article

Propping up a coup

24 September 2009

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya returned to his country on 21 September nearly three months after being deposed in a military coup d'état. He sought refuge inside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa and hundreds of his supporters gathered outside. President Zelaya appeared on the balcony of the Brazilian Embassy waving to crowds of supporters. Witnesses said a military helicopter flew overhead. Shortly afterwards officials imposed a 15-hour curfew. Here Dara Mac Neill looks at the background to the coup and the US government response. Free article

More than a game BY MATT TREACY

24 September 2009

Well it would appear that Kerry have confirmed their place as the team of the decade. Statistics don't lie and five All Irelands in ten years certainly don't lie and they have earned their place in the pantheon of the other great Kerry teams of the past and indeed their record is only surpassed by Mick O'Dwyer's team of the 70s and 80s. And of course Dara Ó Sé has joined the small band of men, all of them Kerrymen, who have won six All Ireland medals as a player. Free article

The rise and fall of the Stickies

24 September 2009

Book review The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Workers' Party By Brian Hanley and Scott Millar. Penguin Ireland. ISBN 978-1-844-88120 Price: €21.99/£20 Free article

Women's voices loud and clear

24 September 2009

DVD Review The Road of Women: Voices of Irish Women Political Prisoners Directed and produced by Melissa Thompson Price €10 Free article

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