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20 August 2009 Edition

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20 August 2009

It seems that the Labour Party is in a bit of a pickle. Their dilemma is how to make something out of nothing. In June 2008 party leader Eamon Gilmore said "the Lisbon Treaty is dead" and "the result of the referendum must be fully respected". He went on to argue: "It would be entirely wrong, inappropriate, and counter-productive for the European Union to proceed on the basis of any settlement that does not fully respect the voice of the Irish people." Free article

PKK seeks peace process for Kurdistan and Turkey

20 August 2009

The people of Kurdistan have for generations been subsumed in the Turkish state with their national territory divided between Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has struggled for an independent Kurdistan and there has been a long and bitter armed conflict between the Turkish state and the Kurds. PKK President Abdullah Ocalan is the sole prisoner in Imrali Island high security jail and has recently indicated new moves towards a peaceful solution. A special correspondent for An Phoblacht spoke to the representative of the PKK in Europe. Free article

Remembering the Past: Centenary of Fianna Éireann - republican

20 August 2009

The month of August 2009 marks the 100th anniversary of an organisation that played a pivotal role in the struggle for Irish freedom. Fianna Éireann was for decades the main body of organised republican youth in Ireland, educating and training young people who went on to fight - and many of whom laid down their lives - for the Irish Republic. Between the death of Parnell in 1891 and the founding of the Irish Volunteers in 1913 a myriad of political, military, cultural, women's and trade union organisations sprang up in Ireland. They all, to one degree or another, sought to assert the identity and independence of the Irish people and to halt the spread of Anglicisation which threatened to totally subsume Ireland in the British Empire. Free article


20 August 2009

Have your wages been cut? Are you losing a few bob every week so that your mates can avoid redundancy? Are you willing to take a hit for the team, to all chip in collectively? Are you happy to take the pain so long as the pain's shared fairly? Free article

EMERGENCY: The urgent need for a 32-county fire service

20 August 2009

ON 26 SEPTEMBER 2007, two firefighters, 46-year-old Brian Murray and 26-year-old Mark O'Shaughnessy, lost their lives while fighting a fire in a derelict building in Bray, County Wicklow. The story made national headlines not just because of the tragedy but also because of concerns about safety and resources at Bray Fire Station. When the news broke it quickly became apparent that Mark and Brian hadn't a fighting chance of coming out alive. BARRY MURRAY, Brian's son, talks to ELLA O'DWYER about those concerns and the ongoing demand for an independent inquiry into the events surrounding that dark day in 2007. Free article

Na Fíníní agus teanga na nGael

20 August 2009

Léirmheas leabhair Fíníní Mheirceá agus an Ghaeilge Le Fionnuala Uí Fhlannagáin. Coiscéim €15. Free article

Uniting against the drugs scourge

20 August 2009

OVER recent years, Cork has featured in the news in relation to drug hauls and most prominently in 2007 when over €400 million worth of cocaine was accidentally discovered off the Cork coast. More recently, the drugs issue has raised its ugly head again as a crisis emerges in relation to the rising numbers of people becoming addicted to drugs such as heroin in the city. Five people in Knocknaheeny, in the north of the city, died of suspected overdoses since May. Concern has reached such a peak amongst residents of Knocknaheeny that they have just formed an anti-drugs committee. SUSAN JACOBS is on the committee and she talks to ELLA O'DWYER. Free article

More than a game By Gael Gan Náire

20 August 2009

I was surprised that the Jackeen showed his face again after the whipping the Kerry boys gave that shower two weeks ago. Now he's off again gallivanting. Off to see bloody Celtic and Arsenal if I know his nabs at all. Probably thrown his dirty beer stained smelly Jackeen jersey into the skip and wearing green hoops again. One of those gobdaws who thinks that Glasgow is in Ireland. Mother of God, did they ever open a geography book at all? Free article

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