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23 July 2009 Edition

Debate, strategy and leadership

23 July 2009

THE political frontline of any struggle is a challenging place to be - it tests political nerve, character and patience. Meeting the demands it throws up can often mean having to dig deep and to keep our nerve... often more than once. The primary theatre of political struggle for Sinn Féin today is the 26 Counties. That's not to say that the North can be taken for granted. Far from it. In fact, more so than in recent years, the DUP political leadership appears less committed to equality and partnership in government; unionism overall is fractured and directionless; and the political institutions are becoming increasingly unstable. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

23 July 2009

I suppose it could be described as the last hurrah of the UDA but a spokesperson for the Derry and North Antrim Branch of the UPRG denied any UDA involvement. He was a speaking after what he claimed was a 'silent and dignified' protest march through the Waterside area of Derry City last week to address what the UPRG describe as a 'lack of support for loyalists communities from elected unionist representatives'. Free article

Sinn Féin on South Dublin County Council - Making positive things happen

23 July 2009

SINN FÉIN in South Dublin came out of this year's local elections with three county councillors: Seán Crowe for Tallaght Central, Cathal King in Tallaght South and Matthew McDonagh for Clondalkin. Transfers from Cathal's running mate, Sinead Cooke, were instrumental in seeing him top the poll. Since the election, the South Dublin Sinn Féin team have formed an alliance of the left (or 'Alliance for Change') in the constituency, with nine Labour councillors and one Independent and have already secured agreement on important issues such as housing and the use of monies allocated to councillors for expenses. Here the Sinn Féin representatives talk to ELLA O'DWYER about the nature of that left alliance, the issues for the constituency and how they intend to tackle them. Free article


23 July 2009

Nuair a foilsíodh tuairisc an Bhoird Snip Nua an tseachtain seo caite bhí mé ar an bhóthar go Béal Feirste ag taisteal chuig cruinniú de chuid Fhoras na Gaeilge. Is dócha go raibh gach duine (ó thuaidh agus ó dheas) a bhfuil baint acu le saol na Gaeilge buartha faoi impleachtaí na tuairisce ar an 'earnáil Ghaeilge' agus le roinnt seachtainí anuas bhí na ráflaí ann go molfaí deireadh a chur leis an Roinn Gnóthaí Pobail, Tuaithe agus Gaeltachta. Faoina dó a chlog Déardaoin bhí substaint leis na ráflaí, agus a thuilleadh ionsaithe ar an Ghaeilge leis. Free article

'I die proudly for my country'

23 July 2009

Book Review Michael Gaughan: Prepared to Fight or Die Edited by Ella O'Dwyer Price €7/£6 Free article


23 July 2009

Much of the media coverage of the last week or so has been dominated by discussions about a report compiled by a group of failed and very well-off economists that the zombie-like Irish media has adopted without question. As Vincent Browne pointed out in the Times, "The media, almost en masse, has been cheerleading a report that amounts to the most explicit demand for even deeper inequality and injustice in this society, as the means of resolving what is, obviously, a major crisis." Free article

More than a game BY MATT TREACY

23 July 2009

WHEN my grandfather and father arrived back home to Drimnagh after the 1961 final in which Tipperary beat Dublin by a point, my grandmother looked at my grandfather before he had a chance to open his mouth and said 'Don't say a word Mattie.' So the poor man had to sit smoking his pipe quietly and savour the victory surrounded by moping Dubs. Free article

Remembering the Past: James Connolly with US workers in struggle

23 July 2009

James Connolly was primarily an Irish revolutionary who worked all his life for independence and socialism in his home country. But his work as a socialist educator and organiser in the United States between 1903 and 1910 was significant and saw him involved in some of the biggest industrial struggles between workers and bosses. Free article

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