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27 March 2008 Edition

The Brian Keenan interview: The Brian Keenan interview:

27 March 2008

BRIAN KEENAN joined the IRA in 1968. In the intervening 40 years he became one of the IRA's foremost strategists and a thorn in the side of British imperialism. Shortly after joining the IRA, Brian went on the run and spent the next 25 years living apart from his wife, Chrissie, his children and his grandchildren. He served 16 years in various jails across England in Special Secure Units (SSUs). His pivotal role in the struggle was recognised last month when he was among the honourees at this year's Le Chéile celebration. Ahead of that honour, Brian spoke to JIM GIBNEY for the first time publicly about his life as a husband and father of six children, as an IRA activist, his years in jails in England and the influences that shaped his early life. This is the first instalment of a three-part feature where Brian Keenan tells us, in his own words, what has driven one of the most formidable foes the might of the British state has ever faced. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

27 March 2008

Proclamation has little meaning for republican pretenders Free article

Republican bands marching on

27 March 2008

AS THE Strategic Review into Parading in the North raises the possibility of a new code of conduct for loyalist and republican bands An Phoblacht interviews a veteran band organiser and asks what is the future for republican flute bands today. Free article


27 March 2008

Brionglóid Free article

Matt Treacy

27 March 2008

I DIDN'T get to see the Dublin Monaghan match because I was in Wexford, home of the real star of the show Syl Doyle. He was the referee by the way. Monaghan only scored one point from play and rarely looked dangerous but when you are awarded close in frees for little or nothing you don't have to be overly concerned about such minor aspects of the game. Free article

Media View

27 March 2008

THERE is a sense, slowly growing among journalists who have seen too many false dawns at the Mahon Tribunal, that last week might just have been a turning point. The testimony of Gráinne Carruth, Ahern's former secretary, was damaging not just for what she said, when she accepted she made sterling lodgements of more than €15,500 she had first denied, but how she said it. Free article

Fifth Column

27 March 2008

Fine Gael poster girl for ‘No to Lisbon’

TD LUCINDA CREIGHTON, the poster girl of Fine Gael is now the poster girl of  ‘No to the Lisbon Treaty’ group Libertas, and the blonde bombshell isn’t one bit pleased.
Libertas has placed billboard posters around Lucinda’s Dublin South-East constituency reminding voters of her stated belief that, “We need a European army.”
Libertas adds... Free article

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