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17 January 2008 Edition

Matt Treacy

17 January 2008

THE thorny topic of "sledging" was in the news again last week. Nothing to do with sliding down frosty hills on sheets of corrugated iron, or even the O'Byrne Cup, I hasten to add. Rather it was in relation to the imposition of a ban on Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh for allegedly having racially abused Andrew Symonds of Australia in the Second Test at Sydney. "Sledging" is insulting opponents to break their concentration during a match. Free article

Media View

17 January 2008

AS SOMEOME who buys too many papers I never fully read, skims too many radio stations, TV news bulletins and has now the joys of Google News and You Tube I am prone to fall victim to conspiracy theories. Free article

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Fifth Column

17 January 2008

Rock on

THE White House’s reaction to the release of captives by the rebel guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) reminds me of a sketch by black American comedian Chris Rock about another real-life episode involving hostages.
The Reuters news agency reported last Thursday (10 January):
“The United States grudgingly acknowledged Venezuelan President Hugo... Free article

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