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13 April 2006 Edition

1969 Republican Roll of Honour 2006 and Roll of Remembrance

13 April 2006

1969 Republican Roll of Honour 2006


1st Battalion

Vol Tony Henderson Apr. 4th 1971

Vol Terence McDermott Oct. 2nd 1971

Vol Martin Forsythe Oct. 24th 1971

Vol Tony Jordan June 28th 1972

Vol John Finucane June 28th 1972

Vol Francis Hall Aug. 30th 1973

Vol Daniel Burke Apr. 9th 1974

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Remembering 1981: Francie Molloy on the Bobby Sands election campaign

13 April 2006

Sinn Féin MLA Francie Molloy was Director of Elections for Bobby Sands in the historic 1981 by-election in Fermanagh/South Tyrone. This week he speaks to An Phoblacht's ARAN FOLEY about the election campaign. Free article

Remembering 1981: Hunger Striker polls 30,492 votes

13 April 2006

On Thursday 9 April 1981, 25 years ago last Sunday, IRA Volunteer and Hunger-Striker, Bobby Sands was elected MP for the constiuency of Fermanagh/South Tyrone. Sands polled 30,492 votes, against unionist candidate, Harry West's 29,046. There were 3,280 spoilt votes highlighting the failure of the SDLP's and Austin Currie's attempts to sabotage the campaign by urging nationalists to spoil their vote. Free article

A Proclamation for all

13 April 2006

While Irish Republicans commemorate the 1916 Rising this weekend I would encourage unionists to study the Proclamation. They will see that it is not the property of any one section of Irish people or any single political party. It is a vision of what the signatories believed an Ireland sovereign and free could offer all of its people - Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter. Free article

1916 - 2006: The events of Easter Week

13 April 2006

Ninety years ago in Dublin, seven visionaries led a small army of Irish men and women in a revolutionray enterprise. Their vision was that Ireland might be free. Their dream an age-old one, was at first half-formed and rough shaped but became clearly-defined down through the years. The United Irishmen gave it substance, Wolfe Tone delineated it, Emmet, the Young Irelanders and the Fenians strove to achieve it. Free article

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1916 - 2006: Women and the Easter Rising

13 April 2006

The 1916 Rising is of huge significance for Irish women. The Proclamation of the Republic read out on Easter Monday 1916 is remarkable for its radicalism, inclusiveness and endorsement of equality for women. The participation of women was an integral part of what made the Rising truly revolutionary. Free article

1916 - 2006: The labour movement, the Irish Citizen Army and the Rising

13 April 2006

From the beginning of the 1913 Lockout, as the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITWGU) led by James Larkin and James Connolly faced the Dublin Employer's Federation under William Martin Murphy, strikers were the target of indiscriminate baton attacks at the hands of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the RIC. Small, impoverished tenement homes were raided, their meagre possessions smashed and stolen. Free article

1916 - 2006: An Éirí Amach agus ath-Ghaelú na hÉireann

13 April 2006

"Gaeil iad fhéin ní Gaill ná Spáinnigh" a deir amhrán an Phiarsaigh An Dord Féinne. Gaeil a ghlac páirt in Éirí Amach na Cásca agus bhí an Éirí Amach mar thoradh ar 'ath-Ghaelú' na hÉireann a bhí ar siúl ó bhunú Chonradh na Gaeilge in 1893 nó níos faide siar le bunú Chumann Lúthchleas Gael in 1884. Free article

1916 - 2006: Poets and writers prominent in Rising's leadership

13 April 2006

Perhaps the best known of all the writers, artists and poets associated in people's minds with the Easter Rising is William Butler Yeats. Hardly a discussion on 1916 would be complete without someone quoting from his poem that all is "changed, changed utterly". While Yeats was commenting from the sidelines, it is nonetheless the case that amongst the executed leaders of the Rising there were enough writers and poets to deserve their own genre. Free article

1916 - 2006: Books on the 1916 Rising and related issues

13 April 2006

As recommended by An Phoblacht columnist and historian SHANE MacTHOMÁIS Free article

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