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9 March 2006 Edition

Unionism: Time for republicans to reach out

9 March 2006

The basic premise of republicanism is the equality and dignity of humanity. It is, therefore, of special importance that Irish republicans find a way to engage with those who either do not understand or share our political vision or our project. Irish Republicans can proceed into that engagement confident that we can win the argument with the ideology of reaction, discrimination and partition. Free article

Belfast womens conference: Raising the profile of women in Sinn Féin

9 March 2006

Republican women from across the Six Counties, and some from further afield, gathered at the Balmoral Hotel on the outskirts of West Belfast on Saturday, 4 March for a day-long conference. Organised by Sinn Féin's Equality Department, the conference was a precursor to International Women's Day which falls on March 8. Entitled Voices - Women in International Struggle, the conference set out to celebrate the contribution of women in freedom struggles around the world. Free article

OECD Report: Sinn Féin proposals backed up

9 March 2006

There have been those in the media and the financial community and other so-called economic experts, who have rushed to brand Sinn Féin's economic analysis as crazy, but they were strangely quiet this week as they digested findings in the latest report of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Free article

Cúlchaint, le Seán ó Donaile

9 March 2006

Tá sé ait na rudaí a spreagann thú nuair a éiríonn túí níos sinne- níor cheap me riamh go mbeinn i mo Phríomhoide scoile- bhí mé lán sásta fanacht ar an imeall mar mhúinteoir ranga, ag amharc ar na Phríomhoidí lena seacéid tweed agus a mbosca lóin l'úll glas ach tá mé sa suíomh ceánna le deich mbliana anuas, cé nár cheannaigh mé na farah slacks go fóill. Free article

Media View

9 March 2006

When a Government minister is exposed as lying to the Dáil and to the general public, it is usually considered a resigning matter - even if anyone rarely resigns in this politically corrupt state. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

9 March 2006

No love lost in Parnell clash

In Kavanaghs after the match last Saturday, we were trying to recall when was the last time that an inter-county team had managed to go a full half of a match without scoring. This in a non-patronising, non-triumphalist way of course. Later I was reminded that Dublin had accomplished a similar feat two years ago against Mayo in... Free article

Fifth Column

9 March 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

Remembering the Past

9 March 2006

On the 6 March 1988, three unarmed Irish citizens were shot dead at close range by undercover operatives of the notorious British SAS, as they walked along a public street on the island of Gibraltar. This summary execution of three IRA Volunteers spawned a series of tragic incidents, the reverberations of which continued long after the event. Free article

Dúirt Siad...

9 March 2006

The week in quotes. Free article

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